Choosing the right cooling system for your home.

There’s nothing quite like walking into the cool surrounds of your home and escaping the blistering summer heat outside. When you consider that cooling accounts for a large proportion of household’s energy costs over summer, it’s so important to select the right cooling methods for your home. The wrong choice can prove both costly and uncomfortable.


Some important questions
•   In a hot summer, will I be just cooling one or two rooms?
•   Do I want the comfort of having every room cooled?
•   Should the purchase price be my biggest consideration?
•   Do I need cooling all day or for short periods of time?
•   Should I think about running costs?
•   Will noise bother me or my neighbours?
•   Does anyone in my house suffer from asthma or hay fever?

Whole Home Cooling vs Room Cooling
The most important choice you have to make is whether you need to cool separate rooms or your whole home.

Whole Home Cooling
When it comes to cooling your whole home, you have the choice of two main systems: ducted refrigerated systems and ducted evaporative systems. The ducted refrigerated systems work on the same principal as the split room systems, with an indoor and outdoor coil. Traditionally you’ll find these systems work on a day/night zone system which lets you cool the living areas of your home during the day and cool the sleeping areas at night.

Ducted evaporative coolers, on the other hand, use fresh air to cool all rooms of your home at the same time. Fresh air is drawn from outside your home through the water moistened filters, which cools and cleans the air. The cool, fresh air is then circulated through the ducts, forcing stale air out through open windows and doors. This natural cooling process has low installation, low running costs, low noise and low greenhouse emissions, and is ideal for asthma and hay fever sufferers. 
All rooms in your home are cooled at the same time.

Room cooling
If you only need to cool individual rooms in your home, then a refrigerated high wall split system is the way to go. Refrigerated high wall split systems consist of a condensing unit installed on the outside of your home, and a wall mounted unit inside your home, which artificially cools the air through indoor and outdoor coils connected by pipes carrying refrigerant gas.

Evaporative Air Conditioning
An evaporative cooling system is simply the most cost effective and quietest way to cool your home.


Inverter High Wall Split System Air Conditioning
Bonaire is proud to launch a new range of inverter high wall split systems. The Bonaire range of inverter high wall split systems have clever features coupled with a stylish design to complement today’s modern homes.


Inverter Dual Cycle Refrigerated Air Conditioning  
The ultimate in home heating and cooling, all year round. Inverter Refrigerated Air Conditioning and a duct system specifically designed for a dual cycle. The end result is Australia’s ultimate dual cycle system. With thermostatic temperature control all year round, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in climate control for your family even  during sustained periods of hot and humid weather or freezing cold weather.




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