Choosing the right heating system for your home.

There’s nothing more welcoming than a toasty warm house to come home to when the chill of winter arrives. And when you consider that heating accounts for over half the average household’s energy costs, it’s so important to select the right heating methods for your home. The wrong choice can prove both costly and uncomfortable.

Space heating vs ducted heating?

Space heating, as the name suggests, is for heating a single space, be it one room or an open plan living area. Space heating includes slow combustion wood heaters, gas space heaters, radiant bar heaters, electric fan heaters and split system reverse cycle air conditioners.

A central heating system on the other hand can heat a whole home. The two main types of central heating are ducted gas central heating and refrigerative ducted reverse cycle air conditioning. Whichever of these heating solutions you choose, you know you’re getting the best with Conway.

Of course, with all the options available it pays to carefully consider your needs and the pros and cons of the various types of heating systems before making a decision. Some forms of heating, like ducted reverse cycle and split-system refrigerative air-conditioning for example are more costly to run in the winter months. And then there’s other systems that are suitable to heat a single room but would be highly inefficient for heating a whole home.

Bonaire gas central heating is a ducted system, which means that heated air is distributed throughout the home by a network of ducts, usually in the roof cavity or under the floor. Air is heated in a heat exchanger, which is heated by clean burning gas. The warm air enters each room through an outlet located in the floor, ceiling or wall. All 4 and 5 star Bonaire units have high tech modulating fan technology that delivers whole of home heating efficiently and quietly.


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